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New Year 2019


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October came and went!


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Busy, busy, busy!


A very busy couple of weeks have passed. On a whim I decided to try to get a stall at a craft fair or market to promote my work and hope for some sales. I have been successful in that I now have a stall at the Malvern Art and Food Market on August 25th and another within the Guildhall in Worcester in late September. SO – I thought I had better ‘throw some more stuff together’ and that has kept me really busy, practically non-stop.
I did stop though for a few days to twice visit the Festival Of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham. A whole lot to see and inspire. I particularly liked the Art Textiles, Made in Britain Gallery. A collection of 11 British textile artists.
I’ve added a cute picture to this blog of a goldcrest linocut printed onto a gentle background that I had previously printed using my Gelliplate and leaves from the garden.

Definitely NOT rubbish!


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Since my last blog I’ve begun to think that the battle with modern technology can leave me drained! On return from our holiday in the Dales we discovered the Broadband was down and it took a lengthy phone call to get the provider to realise we needed a new router (box of signals to the un-initiated). This arrived quickly but then the printer wouldn’t speak to anything, I never liked it anyway so I bought a new one. This worked fine the first day but on the second it wouldn’t talk with my PC so a ‘chat-line’ call with the technician in control of my PC put that right.
So I was more than ready to get back into the studio (back bedroom) to attempt some new work both printing and stitching. The image shows 3 collagraph plates waiting to be inked and pressed and some textile and felt pieces that need free-motion embroidery and hand stitch.
They don’t look like much at the moment but I have to keep reminding myself that these pieces as they are now are only the background and with stitch on top they should look a lot better.
Shall we see and I’ll show you next blog how they turned out – rubbish or not?

Back Home and work progresses


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The Yorkshire Dales


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My First Ever Blog


I am writing this whilst building the web site. The whole business is exhausting and I hope it will be worth the effort. As the saying goes ‘It’s all Greek to me!’. Excuse me while I yawn a few times before heading off for a coffee.
What prompted me to have a web site? People have approached me over the years by using the details of my e-mail on business cards. “Have you got a web site?” they asked. No, sorry I haven’t. I think I could have interested more people in my ‘art’ if I had.
So here we go. Not ready to go live just yet but that day is not far away. I hope you join me on this new adventure into the unknown.