About Me

An introduction to how it all began for me.
I've always enjoyed sewing and like many people I began by making clothing for myself and my family whilst also enjoying cross stitch and tapestry work. It wasn't really until 2007 that I came across the 2 people who were to inspire me the most. They were the mother and daughter team of Linda and Laura Kemshall. I discovered Art Quilts and was hooked onto mixed media on cloth and I've not looked back.
My latest obsession has become printing with most of the techniques available to me. I have never been formally trained in anything that I do. I work my way through a lot of books, read articles on-line and watch You Tube. I've also indulged in various workshops over the years and spent a lot of money along the way. You'll all be familiar with that I am sure!
I am a member of my local branch of the Embroiderers Guild in Worcester and a member of the Quilters Guild including the Contemporary Quilt Group.